Government Audits

Although many people often think that all the government audits are a waste of time and more importantly a waste of money, their money as taxpayers, that cannot be said of certain audits by certain government departments as they can be potentially beneficial to all taxpayers. An OFCCP audit, for instance, has the potential to be beneficial to any taxpayer as it is beneficial to anyone who finds themselves unemployed. The OFCCP which is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and part of the Department of labor, has the responsibility of ensuring that any company which is successful in acquiring a government contract, is in compliance of all government policies and usually takes particular interest in a company’s employment records to ensure they follow a policy of nondiscrimination when hiring new employees.

Although ensuring companies follow a nondiscrimination policy in its hiring of employees is good, perhaps what potentially benefits more people is how the OFCCP use the information they receive from companies. In order to monitor their hiring practices, companies send the office information on any job vacancies they may have as they arise and how later, they are filled and by whom. This means that the OFCCP is in receipt of a great number of job vacancy notifications from a great number of companies around the country.

As part of the Department of Labor, one of the OFCCP’s secondary tasks is to help the department in maintaining as low an unemployment rate as possible and so they put the information they receive to more work than just confirming compliance to nondiscrimination regulations. Although placing all the vacancies they are informed of on a list which they provided to the unemployed would be very helpful, the office goes further than this by creating many smaller listings, each one relevant to certain different areas. By doing this and allowing the unemployed to have access to the listings, unemployed people can easily and quickly find any suitable vacancies in their own area, a big plus when looking for a job.

These listings have undoubtedly helped many people in the past and will help many more in the future but unfortunately, not everybody is aware of the OFCCP’s efforts and so cannot take advantage of them. The benefits these listings do provide though are partly due to the auditing the OFCCP carries out ensuring that information they are given is accurate and relevant and so, therefore, best for compliances purposes but also for the best interests of the unemployed who make use of the OFCCP’s listings.

Those people that do not know of the OFCCP and the work it does to try and ensure the unemployed find suitable work as soon as possible, often feel like they are alone in this world with no one caring or trying to help them but, as can be seen from the above, those people are wrong and there is at least one government office which is not just thinking of them but is also going out of its way to try and help them.

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