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There will probably be a time when you want to create your own website or you may have wanted one for a long time but did not want to learn about the HTML codes but now you do not have to. Although at one time in order to create a website you would have had to learn about codes, that is no longer the case if you use one of the website platforms. A website platform is free software that allows you to create a website without knowing codes as it will encode everything for you. Some of these platforms are called WordPress, Joomla and Drupal but by far the most popular of these is WordPress as it is estimated to be responsible for more than 20% of all the websites on the net and that is a lot. Next in popularity is Drupal as it is very a very powerful tool but its popularity is mainly among professional web developers as in order to use it to its best capacity, a little knowledge of coding is required.

Joomla is as easy as WordPress and has far more features but it is not quite as popular as WordPress as for some of the more advanced features, knowledge of coding is beneficial. However, these features are known as extensions and so it is possible to add a Joomla blogging extension to WordPress or add any of the other extensions as you need them. With the power of both WordPress and Joomla at your fingertips, no website is too difficult to create and by creating I mean also having pages for all the different functions that you may want.Being able to create a website is one thing but creating a great website is something that no software can help you with, it is down to your taste and your tastes alone. First you will want a homepage, this is the page that most visitors will be directed to and so is the first impression they will get of your website.

In everything first impressions count for a lot but on the internet they are even more important as it is so easy to click to a next site. Your homepage must therefore be eye catching and be able to hold a visitor’s attention long enough for them to see what your site is all about. Having learned what the site is about, hopefully a visitor will want to see more but as they may only be interested in just one aspect, an easy to follow site map should be placed on that homepage. The website platform will be able to help you create the homepage, even offering themes for you to use and will also assist you in creating the site map and other pages for the site. It is in doing this if there is no appropriate page available on WordPress that you may want to add a Joomla extension or plug-in as they are sometimes referred to.

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